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400-560KW Weichai Heavy Machine King Generator Set
400-560KW Weichai Heavy Machine King Generator Set
400-560KW Weichai Heavy Machine King Generator Set

Weichai Heavy Machinery King Diesel Generator Set adopts the new generation WHM6160 series engine independently developed by Weichai, with a product power of 400-560KW. The products are professionally designed, with high reliability, good economy and excellent performance. They can be used as the main power supply/emergency backup power supply to meet the power needs of various customers.


Engine technology and generator set application integration technology, standard ABB generator

High reliability, excellent start-up performance, strong load capacity, able to meet various power requirements

20000h long overhaul

Good economy, engine minimum fuel consumption rate ≤ 192g / kwh

The specific method of cleaning the surface oil of the parts of the Weichai generator set:

Scrubbing: This method is relatively simple, and can be scrubbed with a wiper cloth, but this method takes a long time and is only suitable for partial flushing of individual parts or large parts.

Spraying: The cleaning liquid with a certain pressure and temperature is sprayed onto the surface of the metal part to remove the oil stain adhered to the metal surface. This method takes less time and has a better cleaning effect, but the equipment used is more complicated. This method is suitable for the cleaning of thick oily and semi-solid oily parts on the surface.

Dipping: The parts to be cleaned are infiltrated into the cleaning liquid to soak the oil on the metal surface or chemically react with the cleaning liquid to remove the oil. This method is suitable for parts with small parts, complex shapes and light adhesion.

Boiling: This method is to put the metal parts into a container containing an alkaline solution for cooking. The temperature of the cooking is generally controlled at 70-90 ° C, and the time is controlled at about 100 minutes. After taking it out, clean the alkaline solvent on the surface of the parts with clean tap water, then blow dry with high-pressure air. This method is suitable for the cleaning of diesel generator sets and parts, and the cleaning effect is also good.