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1-10KW miniature gasoline diesel generator set
1-10KW miniature gasoline diesel generator set
1-10KW miniature gasoline diesel generator set

1KW-10KW micro steam / diesel generator set product features:

Compact, beautifully looking

Introduction to control, economical

Easy and lightweight, fast moving

Good startup performance

Small noise pollution

User-friendly design: standard fuel tank, standard power output interface

Weichai generator sets have a high service life, so the cost is low and the investment is small, but it needs to consume oil. How can we save fuel? Let me tell you the new method of fuel saving for Weichai generator sets.

First, increase the temperature of the cooling water of the Weichai generator set. The increase of water temperature can make the diesel burn more completely, the viscosity of the oil will be smaller, the movement resistance can be reduced, and the fuel saving effect can be achieved.

Second, maintain a suitable oil supply angle. If the oil supply angle is offset, the oil supply time will be too late and the fuel consumption will increase greatly.

Third, to ensure that the machine does not leak oil. The fuel pipe of the Weichai generator set often has a hole in the joint surface, and the gasket is deformed or damaged. The treatment method is to apply the valve paint on the glass plate and flatten the positive oil pipe joint. A diesel recovery device is added, and the oil return pipe on the oil nozzle can be connected with the hollow core screw by a plastic pipe to make the return oil flow into the oil tank.

Fourth, the oil is purified before use. More than half of the faults in the Weichai generator set come from the oil supply system. The treatment method is that the purchased diesel oil is left to settle for 2-4 days and then used to precipitate impurities. If it is used now, two layers of silk cloth or toilet paper can be placed at the fuel tank filter screen.

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