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10-80KW Weichai Yangchai Generator Set
10-80KW Weichai Yangchai Generator Set
10-80KW Weichai Yangchai Generator Set


It mainly supports Weichai & Yangchai engines, equipped with domestic and foreign well-known brand generators, supplemented by advanced and reliable electrical systems and public bases. The whole unit is a one-piece structure. The unit's manufacturing and test implementation GB/T2820 standard can meet YD/T502, GJB5785 and other industry standards.

Advantages and characteristics

Weichai engine

The original diesel generator of Weichai has excellent quality and durability, and the overhaul period is over 20,000h.

Generator set

Reliable operation, continuous rated power every 12 hours, allowing overloading of 110% of rated power for 1 hour.

Weichai's similar products have large social reserves, sufficient spare parts, and low maintenance costs.

Compact structure, beautiful appearance and small footprint.

Excellent performance indicators, low fuel consumption, and high environmental adaptability.

The common chassis is formed by bending high-quality steel sheets of 5mm or more, with high strength and low vibration.

It adopts electrostatic spray technology, anti-rust and corrosion resistance. The chassis is equipped with forklift trough and lifting plate for convenient transportation. It can also be equipped with chassis fuel tank to meet the requirements of continuous operation for 8 hours in the rated working condition of the unit.

Control System

The intelligent controllers of international famous brands such as GU304/DSE6020/DSE7320 can reliably realize the functions of operation, monitoring and protection of the unit, and can customize the functions of automation, self-switching and self-parallel according to customers' choice.

Configure the app:

It is equipped with high-end, 45°C high-temperature copper water tank, high-performance shock absorber, full surface protection of rotating surface and hot surface, high-efficiency three-filter, high-performance silencer, etc., to ensure high quality of the unit.

service support:

The service network is extensive, with 36 offices in China and more than 4,000 service centers with an average service radius of 50 kilometers.

Emission Standards:

Unit emissions can meet non-road II requirements.


As a fixed power source or emergency backup power source, it is widely used in communications, defense, oil and gas fields, industrial and mining enterprises, hotels, hospitals, rural towns, fisheries, animal husbandry and other industries.