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Why do many industrial small generator sets use Weichai diesel generators?

Edit:Nanjing Lude Power Equipment Co., Ltd.UpDate:2019-04-30

Why do many industrial small generator sets use Weichai diesel generators instead of gasoline engines? Diesel storage is safer than gasoline. If you want to put electricity on it, you don't have to pursue any proportion. The diesel fuel generator is not so heavy, so in the long run, it is more suitable for small power generation equipment.

The power of Weichai diesel generators is generally around 100-200kw, and the visual volume can reach the sum of the volume of four ea888s. So the question is, why do these generator sets do not use gasoline engines as a source of power? After all, the ea888 is taken as an example. It is also a high power of more than 100 kilowatts. The volume is reduced by 75% compared to the currently used Weichai power diesel diesel generator.

The energy conversion efficiency of Weichai diesel generators is much higher than that of gasoline engines, which is related to their working principle. Moreover, the price of diesel is cheaper, and it is reasonable to say that diesel is a more desirable fuel. Probably comparing their characteristics should explain your problem:

1. The self-ignition point of diesel is much lower than that of gasoline, so as long as the compression ratio of the diesel engine is properly increased (about 20), the pressure and temperature can reach a certain value and you can ignite yourself without any additional sparks. It also needs to consume energy), and the large compression ratio (the work distance is increased) and more air (the diesel fuel generators are basically turbocharged) can improve energy efficiency. Weichai diesel generators therefore have the characteristics of large torque, but the rotational speed is relatively low. More suitable for use on large instruments.

2, while gasoline is not so easy to spontaneously ignite, so the ignition method is adopted. The compression ratio is also only about 10 (control knock), which is characterized by high speed, but relatively low torque. And because of the compression ratio and the way of ignition, the efficiency of energy conversion is much lower. (In the past, the textbook said that 40% of Weichai diesel generators, only 10% of gasoline engines, for reference only)

3. Use diesel for large equipment? That is because the working mode of the diesel fuel generator determines that his block is definitely bigger (under the same process), and the jitter is more severe and the noise is louder. It is not suitable for small cars and small exhausts. problem. Gasoline engines are much better in this respect, small in size, low in noise, and relatively environmentally friendly. So it has been used more in cars all the time.

4, but now the technology has improved, especially in Europe, the quality of diesel is much higher than domestic, foreign engine materials and processing technology are also high, many cars use the diesel fuel generator. The country is gradually catching up.