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How to choose between Shandong Weichai Generator set and Cummins

Edit:Nanjing Lude Power Equipment Co., Ltd.UpDate:2019-04-28

How to choose between Shandong Weichai Generator set and Cummins, what is the difference between the two? The following Weichai generator set factory small editor to you specifically said. Comparison of diesel generator sets is nothing more than two points: machine quality and follow-up services and accessories (timeliness and price).


First, Weichai is a domestic generator, cost-effective is acceptable to the mass users, performance and can meet the needs of users, Shandong Weichai Generator set price is not too high, is the ideal choice.


If it is imported Cummins generator, the price will be slightly higher, but the performance is not said, the quality is good, mainly look at our own, what use, the size of electricity, is used as a common power generation equipment or backup power supply equipment, is in the wild or indoors and so on, see what configuration to choose it.


Second, Cummins use more delicate, oil, filter, routine maintenance on time safety regulations, otherwise prone to failure, compared with Weichai is more extravagant, torque large reserve power is not afraid of no force on the fear of not living. Summarize a sentence, Cummins positioning high, Weichai positioning in the low end. Besides, the service, these two machines can be sold in the country so good and the timeliness of service is inseparable, I remember correctly two should have 24 hours to arrive at the scene of the request. Serve this piece of 55 points.


Third, generator accessories, Cummins accessories prices are famous for the expensive. In the accessories on the Shandong Weichai Generator set finished. Each machine after so many years of baptism still exists in the market, can prove that it must have his unique, as for good or bad are relative, users have to choose according to their own use of the occasion. I wish you the choice of the machine of your heart.