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Diesel generator set manufacturers introduce how to operate 350 kW diesel generator sets

Edit:Nanjing Lude Power Equipment Co., Ltd.UpDate:2019-04-28

With the development of the times, diesel generator sets are widely used, such as cars, ships, etc. The following diesel generator sets manufacturers will introduce you how to operate the Weifang 350 kW diesel generator sets.

Weifang 350 kW diesel generator set must first close the insurance inside the control box, press the start button, press the button 3-5s, if the start is unsuccessful, it should wait for about 20s to start again. If the startup is unsuccessful, the startup operation should be stopped, and the battery voltage or oil circuit and other fault factors should be eliminated, and then restarted.

When the Weifang 350 kW diesel generator set is started, the oil pressure should be observed. If the oil pressure is not displayed or is very low, stop it immediately.

1. After the Weifang 350 kW diesel generator set is started, check the parameters of the control box module: the oil pressure, water temperature, voltage, frequency, etc. are within the specified range, and record it into the record book every hour.

2. Under normal circumstances, the speed of the unit directly reaches the rated speed after starting the unit; for units with idle speed requirements, the idle time is generally 3-5 minutes, and the idle time is not too long, otherwise the generator related components may be burned out.

3. Check the leakage of the oil circuit, waterway and electrical appliances of the unit.

4. Check the fastening of each joint of the unit to see if there is looseness or severe vibration.

5. Observe whether the various protection and monitoring devices of the unit are normal.

6. Check if the temperature of the generator is within the specified range.

7. When the speed reaches the rated speed, the parameters of the no-load operation are stabilized, and the power is turned on.

8. Check whether the parameters of the control panel are within the allowable range, check the vibration of the unit again, and whether there are three leaks and other faults.

9. Overload operation is strictly prohibited when the unit is running.