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Weichai Diesel Generator Set Rental Considerations

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In recent years, Weichai diesel generator sets have attracted the attention of the market. They can be widely used in family life. They can also be widely used in small industrial and mining enterprises. They are powerful and have long-lasting performance. They are a diesel generator set. And some idle generator sets are also rented out by people. So, what are the precautions for the generator set rental? Let's focus on this focus below.

1. Mainly includes mechanical and electrical performance, unit use, load capacity and range of variation, unit environmental conditions (including altitude, climatic conditions, noise), and automation functions. Since diesel generator sets can be used in three situations, such as general, standby and emergency, the requirements for diesel generator sets for different purposes are different.

2. The sum of the load capacity, when the calculated load after multiplying the required factor is less than the capacity of the emergency diesel generator set, the reserve factor is considered as 1.2, that is, the calculation capacity of 1.2 times is smaller than the capacity of the emergency diesel generator set, after the mains power failure, The emergency generator set supplies power to the load.

3. Recognize the brand of the unit. Generally, the imported generator sets are all assembled machines. The domestically produced units are also integrated (that is, the generators and engines are the same brand). The performance is also the same as that of some imported units, and the price is cheap. Therefore, you should know the unit when purchasing. The brand of each component can comprehensively evaluate the grade of the unit.

4, there are three ways to start the diesel engine: 1 hand start; 2 electric start; 3 compressed air start. In high-rise buildings, electric starting methods should be adopted to avoid the use of compressed air starting methods. In a type of high-rise building, a diesel generator set with a self-starting device must be selected. Once the power supply to the city network is interrupted, the power supply is provided within 15 seconds (high gauge requires 30 seconds). When there are conditions in the second-class high-rise building, it is also advisable to use a unit with a self-starting device. If there is difficulty, a manual starting device can also be used.

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