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How to make the use of land-based Weichai diesel generator sets more maintainable

Edit:Nanjing Lude Power Equipment Co., Ltd.UpDate:2019-04-30

In order to maintain the use of land-based Weichai diesel generator sets, we recommend that customers must do a good job in the inspection of the unit before using the generator set. Under normal circumstances, check the cooling water or antifreeze in the diesel water tank every time before starting the machine. If it is missing, it should be filled up. Pull out the oil oil gauge to check if the lubricant is missing. If it is missing, add it to the specified “quiet” scale line, and then carefully check the relevant parts for potential troubles. If you find that the fault should be eliminated in time, you can turn it on. It's safer.

In addition, the filter elements of the air filter and fuel filter of the Luchai diesel generator set should be checked frequently, and should be cleaned up in time and replaced if necessary. Check the level of cooling water or antifreeze and replenish it in time. Check the voltage of the battery and the specific gravity of the electrolyte. Check the tension of the cooling fan belt. Check the status of each indicator device and each switch on the control cabinet. Check the battery cable for rust and tighten if necessary. Check the electrical control wiring for looseness and tighten if necessary. Check whether the connection of the load cable of the Luchai diesel generator set is loose, rusted and treated if necessary.

If we want to use the maintenance type of diesel diesel generators for maintenance, we need to check the equipment before use, so as to eliminate the possible obstacles in the equipment and prevent the equipment from increasing in operation and causing greater damage. Loss.

The above is how the maintenance of the Lucha diesel diesel generator set is summarized by the Weichai diesel generator manufacturer Xiaobian. I hope to help you. If you need to know more about the Lucha diesel diesel generator set, you can pay attention to the official website.