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Buy 20 kW Weichai diesel generator common sense

Edit:Nanjing Lude Power Equipment Co., Ltd.UpDate:2019-04-30

In general, the estimated capacity of a 20 kW Weichai diesel generator is selected according to the power of the unit's long-term continuous operation output to meet the full load and the capacity of the standby unit is determined according to the importance of the load. In addition, there are many factors to consider when choosing a 20 kW Weichai diesel generator, mainly the use environment and load type.

(1) The use environment, different usage environments will affect the output power of 20 kW Weichai diesel generator sets. The use environment includes; ambient temperature, altitude and relative humidity. When the ambient temperature. When the altitude and relative humidity are too high, the air density will decrease. The oxygen required for the unit to burn will reduce the oil supply, and the output power of the unit should be relatively lowered. In other words, the power of the selected diesel fuel generator is higher than the power of the load. When the diesel engine generator set is working in standard conditions, the power of the diesel engine should be corrected.

(2) Load type, different types of load have a large difference in capacity requirements for 20 kW Weichai diesel generators. Load types are generally classified into resistive loads, inductive loads, and non-linear loads (also known as rectifying loads) that contain rectifying circuits. Resistive loads such as bulbs, electric stoves and ovens; inductive loads such as air conditioners, machine tools and pumps, non-linear loads such as UPS, electronic computers, air-to-air switches and PLC equipment. The characteristic of the resistive load is that the resistance remains basically the same, and the current decreases proportionally with the voltage. With this load, the capacity of the diesel fuel generator set can be slightly larger than the load power, but with inductive and non-sexual loads. At that time, the capacity of the diesel fuel generator set will be recalculated.