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Diesel Generator Set manufacturers explain the selection of emergency diesel generators

Edit:Nanjing Lude Power Equipment Co., Ltd.UpDate:2019-04-30

Emergency diesel generators are mainly used in important locations for rapid recovery through emergency generator sets after an emergency or accident blackout, and to extend a period of power supply so that our production can continue. Below the diesel generator set manufacturers to introduce you to the choice of emergency diesel generators, we need to master the correct method.

Determine capacity: The calibration capacity of the emergency diesel Generator set is the 12h calibration capacity modified by the atmosphere, and its capacity should meet the total calculation load of the emergency electricity, and be calibrated according to the requirement that the generator capacity can meet the starting of the single capacity motor in the load. Emergency generators generally choose three-phase AC synchronous generator.

Determine the number of units: when there are more than one generator set spare, generally only 1 emergency diesel generator sets are set up, from the reliability considerations can also choose 2 units in parallel for power supply. The number of generator sets that are in emergency supply should generally not exceed 3 units. When selecting more than one unit, the unit should try to choose the same model, capacity of the same, pressure regulation, speed regulation characteristics similar to the complete sets of equipment, the nature of the fuel used should be consistent, in order to carry out maintenance and share spare parts. When the supply of emergency generator sets have 2 units, the self-starter device should enable 2 units to each other as a backup, that is, the power supply fault power failure after delay confirmation, issued self-starting instructions, if 1 units in a row 3 consecutive self-starting failure, should send an alarm signal and automatically start the 2nd Diesel Generator.

Selection method: Emergency unit should choose high-speed, pressurized, low fuel consumption, the same capacity of diesel generator sets. High-speed supercharged diesel engine has a large single capacity and a small footprint, and the diesel engine selects the distribution sub or hydraulic speed regulating device, and the speed regulation performance is good. The generator should choose the synchronous motor with brushless excitation or phase complex excitation device, which is more reliable, the failure rate is low, and the maintenance and repair is convenient. It is advisable to choose three harmonic excitation generator sets, the unit is mounted on a shared chassis with shock absorbers, and the outlet of the exhaust pipe should be fitted with mufflers to reduce the impact of noise on the surrounding environment.

Emergency diesel generators can quickly self-start and restore power supply, often used in communications, public buildings and other occasions. In order to ensure the smooth operation of emergency diesel generators when put into use, we should pay more attention to their inspection and maintenance.