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Choosing Weichai Generator Set needs to avoid eight traps

Edit:Nanjing Lude Power Equipment Co., Ltd.UpDate:2019-04-30

Weichai Generator is one of the more well-known generator brands in China, the brand of generator power foot, fuel oil, in China's generator market occupies an important position. However, due to some of the current situation of the market, there are many illegal business sales badWeichai Generator UnitProducts, what pitfalls do we avoid when we buy the device?

1, to see if it is a second-hand refurbished Weichai generator set, some merchants to second-hand refurbishment machine as a new machine sold to customers, and some will be refurbished diesel generators with a new generator and control cabinets, to note.

2, some merchants will not have protection function of the unit as a protection of fully functional units sold to customers, and some even will not be full of instrumentation, without air switch units to promote to customers. In fact, the industry generally stipulates that more than 10KW of units with full instrumentation and air switches, large units and automation units with self-four protection functions. So when you buy, you need to know the four protections clearly.

3, Weichai Generator set power and generator power configuration into the same large, in order to reduce costs.

4, see the situation of random accessories, such as with no silencer, fuel tank, pipeline, with what grade battery, multi-capacity battery, a few batteries and so on.

5, the relationship between the rated power and the backup power, only said a "power", the backup power as a long line of power sold to customers. In fact, the backup power =1.1x long line power. Furthermore, the backup power can only be used for 1 hours in 12 hours of continuous operation.

6, confuse the relationship between KVA and KW. Use KVA as KW to exaggerate power and sell it to customers. KVA is seen in power, KW is the effective power, we should calculate the power when the KVA should be converted to 80 percent into KW.

7, do not talk about Weichai generator set and generator brand grade, control system configuration, do not talk about after-sales service, blindly only talk about price and delivery date.

8, only reported diesel generator or generator brand, do not report the origin, do not report the Unit brand. In fact, it is impossible for any diesel generator set to be completed independently by a single enterprise. Customers should understand the unit of diesel generators, generators, control cabinet manufacturers and brands, in order to comprehensively assess the grade of the unit.

These are the eight pitfalls we need to be careful about when buying a Weichai generator set. In a word, we need to have a more complete understanding of the equipment before we buy the Weichai generator set, in order to avoid being cheated when we buy the equipment.