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Founded in 1946, Weichai is one of the best automotive and equipment manufacturing groups in China. The Group has more than 74,000 employees worldwide. In 2016, it achieved revenue of 134.1 billion yuan, ranking 79th among the top 500 Chinese companies in 2016, 73th among the top 500 Chinese manufacturing companies, and the 2nd among the top 100 Chinese machinery manufacturers.

Weichai Group has taken the lead in passing the GJB9001B, ISO9001 and ISO/TS16949 quality management system certifications in the same industry in China. It has established a service network consisting of more than 5,000 special maintenance service centers throughout the country, and has more than 340 maintenance service stations overseas. Exported to more than 150 countries and regions such as Russia, Iran, Saudi Arabia, Vietnam, Indonesia and Brazil. Brands such as “Weichai Power Engine”, “FAST Transmission”, “Hande Axle” and “Shaanqi Heavy Truck” are in the market leading and leading position in China, forming a brand cluster effect. The company's business scope includes: Weichai original diesel generator, mobile diesel generator, Weichai diesel generator, gas generator set, etc.

The rapid development of Weichai has been fully affirmed by the higher authorities and leaders. It has won the "China Industrial Award", "National Advanced Grassroots Party Organization", "National Quality Award", "National Innovation Enterprise", "National Enterprise Culture Demonstration Base" and "National Civilization". Unit" and other honorary titles. Many party and state leaders have visited Weichai to inspect and guide the work, and highly praised the development of Weichai.

Weichai Electric Power Generator Factory is located in Weichai Industrial Park, with a total area of 25,200 m2 and a construction area of 26,580 m2. The assembly workshop is 7020 m2, the test workshop is 4500 m2, the painting workshop is 5100 m2, and the warehouse workshop is 10,400 m2.

Small and medium-sized unit assembly skid line: 10kW-320kW power generation equipment assembly area, planned annual output of 16,700 units, a total of 11 generator set assembly stations, can be transported by the scissor lifts at both ends of the line body without manual operation.

Large unit assembly area: 460kW-2000kW power generation equipment assembly area, consisting of 6 assembly flat-panel stations, the assembly island is level-adjusted and secondary grouting.

Test and test system: Weichai Heavy Machinery has a total of 15 test stations, including 5 200kW test benches, 2 400kW test benches, 2 700kW test benches, 2 2000kW test benches, and 3 6000kW The test bench and a spare stand can test the speed, temperature, pressure and fuel consumption of the diesel engine at the test stand and can realize parallel test; the test data and waveform can be calculated and analyzed. The system uses PLC for load control. The PLC adopts the master and slave network structure. The master station PLC in the console and the slave PLC in the control cabinet adjust the load through communication commands.

Each station computer is connected through a network switch to achieve parallel testing and data sharing, and can be connected to the local area network to achieve data sharing.

Painting production line: The small and medium-sized unit painting production line can complete the external surface cleaning, painting and drying of various generator sets and diesel engines. The spraying process of diesel engine parts is: hoisting (driving the diesel engine and other components to the pre-treatment by driving) Circulation upper position)--shield (starting motor and small generators, etc.)--online→spray degreasing-draining-hot water spraying-draining-manual blowing water (dual station)-low cleaning line to ground chain coating Loading line (falling on the ground chain craft car)----→water drying-natural cooling-painting (manual)-leveling-paint drying-natural cooling-down coating line (driving); generator set spraying Process: hoisting (lifting the unit above the cleaning tank by driving)----→Manual shielding of non-cleaning surface--manual degreasing-manual washing----→ lifting (the process of lifting the workpiece from the driving to the ground chain) On the trolley) ----→Manual shielding of non-painted surface—water drying---natural cooling---painting (manual)-leveling-drying-natural cooling-down coating line (driving).

Large unit spray booth: Mainly complete the painting of larger units, the main process: shielded hoisting to spray booth, moving car, hoisting machine, dragging the car, sending the unit to the designated painting position, spraying the bottom, spraying the rest of the paint, starting the hoist, dragging the car and sending the unit out. The spray booth uses the vehicle to lift the unit from the mobile cart to the designated position to clear the shield and dry naturally.